Employee Retention Strategies that Don't Suck

More than any other time in the past, the success of a company today depends on its ability to attract and retain talented employees. That has lead many of the top companies to implement new and unusual strategies to keep their employees and to improve morale which usually also leads to improved productivity and ultimately improved profitability.

Perks & Feedback Awards

One of the things that matter a lot to an employee is the feedback that he or she receives from their direct manager. However, more increasingly a small gift of gesture makes a huge difference. That's why many companies in Toronto and across the globe are incorporating systems for recognition awards. These can range from a small 'Thank You' card that a manager can write to their employee to moderate monetary gifts such as a $100 gift card to a local restaurant, or a $500 cash award for going above and beyond. These awards end up costing the company a much smaller amount that the increased value that they provide.

Local Outings & Trips

inside a party busIncreasingly, companies are recognizing that the more the team members know each other and work well with each other, the better their productivity. That is why they are organizing an increasing number of group activities, a chance for team members to go out on a day of fun, get to know each other and enjoy a little entertainment during the occasion.

To make an impression, limousine rentals, and party bus limos are used to transport the employees during those events. Renting a limo bus makes a tremendous impact on the people participating because it says the company is will to give its employees extra perks and luxuries. It is even more impactful when these people have never been on a limousine bus before because they usually are very impressed by the amenities and luxurious style of riding in a party bus. And that translates into employee loyalty and increased morale.

Seasonal Events

One of the things that employees have come to expect from their employers is an end of year party or event. It usually is around Christmas time when companies book a hall and have a party for all their staff. It is a great chance to mingle, have a nice dinner and enjoy a stress-free event with colleagues at the end of the year. It is also a time to reflect back on the accomplishments of the previous year and to distribute awards and fun gifts. To add a little pizazz, some companies are now using party buses and limousines to take the employees to the party. Our homepage has more info about the selection of limousines and party bus vehicles that are available for this type of event. Judging from employee survey feedback, it certainly makes an excellent impression.


One of the most requested and common perks for employees is to be offered flexible hours and working conditions. It is much easier for an employee to work remotely from their home today than it was in the past, and companies are taking advantage of this to offer their staff flexibility. It also saves time because employees don't have to make the daily commute in traffic. Businesses that provide flexibility to their employees have a distinct advantage in attracting and retaining top talent.

It is a win-win for any company to engage in these types of activities. The costs of taking the employees to a local ball game, or renting a party bus to go to a concert may end up adding a few thousand dollars to the budget. However, it will add a tremendous amount of goodwill and increased employee morale. In an age where companies are competing for the best talent, that is a definitive advantage!


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