Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do we need to clean up the bus before bringing it back?
A: You shouldn't need to do anything out of the ordinary when bringing the vehicle back to us, other than wiping up any spills, taking your belonging off the bus, and removing any bottles or cans. Please note that we legally cannot hold any alcohol or beverages that you leave on the bus even if you ask us to, so please be sure to remove it from the vehicle when your trip is over.

Q: Will there be any additional charges for keeping the bus extra hours or days?
A: We have worked hard to ensure that our customers will never incur any additional fees, so you can feel free to keep the bus for as long as you like. The charges you'll see on your bill will only be the same hourly charges that you agreed to previously. We also bill in fifteen-minute chunks of time so that you never pay for hours that you did not use fully! You'll appreciate that.

Q: Do you have insurance policies in place to protect my guests and me?
A: We have the maximum amount of insurance that is allowed and required by law, and we also have all the necessary permits for doing business as a party bus company in Toronto. You can rest assured that you are completely protected when with us.

Q: What kind of drivers and/or chauffeurs do you hire for your business?
A: You'll be happy to hear that we do not hire drivers like most party bus companies do and that we instead only accept professionally trained chauffeurs. We put them through a rigorous regimen of tests and checks, including drug tests, background checks, driving record checks, and driving tests. Only the best are hired to provide transportation for your special trip!

Q: If I have any further questions, where can I get in contact with your company?
A: You can reach us at the phone number and email address at the top of this and every page on this site, anytime!

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