The Seven Most Sought After Party Bus Features for Weddings

The use of party buses for weddings has become the standard in elegance for many brides and grooms. Not only does the party bus provide the newlyweds with a luxurious and comfortable ride to the wedding destinations, but also it provides plenty of room for the bridesmaids, the groomsmen and other friends and family who wish to travel along.

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In addition to the elegance that the marvelous limousine bus brings to a wedding, there are exciting features that every bride who rents a party bus should demand. Limousine service companies have been quick to adopt these practices to attract new brides to rent their limo buses. Let's look at some of the most important features that can make a wedding that much more memorable.

1. Minibar

minibarSome brides and grooms choose not to drink alcoholic beverages during the ride to and from the ceremony. However, that does not change the fact that having cold drinks and refreshment during the limo ride is one of the most requested features in any limousine bus ride. Therefore, having a minibar that is stocked with ice, and cold refreshments is usually one of the first things that get prepared for a fun party bus ride. Some party buses in Toronto even have more than one minibar to accommodate a larger number of passengers.

2. Red Carpet

Every girl wants her wedding day to be perfect, and one of the ways to make it so is to be treated like a princess on that special day. Limo companies were quick to provide a red carpet for the bride as she exits the bus limousine and on her way to the ceremony. Even though this may not be such a big deal, it is a vital gesture for the new bride. And it is one that every woman who is getting married should ask for on her wedding day. Most Toronto party bus companies will supply this feature even if it is not requested.

3. Chauffeur in a Tuxedo

As part of making that day extra special, the chauffeur who will be driving the limo bus ought to be dressed elegantly. It's an elegant ceremony, and everyone involved in it - be it the groomsmen, the bridesmaids or even the chauffeur - should be dressed as such. Because of this, a driver dressed in a Tuxedo is the perfect way to be transported on the day of the ceremony.

4. Dance Floor

dance floorTastes differ, and while some brides want an organized and orderly wedding, others want a perfectly crazy and fun one. For those who want to kick it up and have fun, limo party buses are the perfect venue to start the fun (and the dancing) early. Many of the limousine buses have dance floors, and while that may depend on the type and size of the vehicle, you can be sure that you'll have lots of fun dancing inside the limo, but only if you want.

5. The Sound System

The second component that is needed for 'fun and dancing' is an awesome sound system. To be sure that everyone will have a great time, most systems nowadays are Bluetooth-capable and can connect with iPhone and other MP3 players. Depending on the vehicle that you choose, many types of limo bus rental vehicles will have this feature as standard equipment. It can make it much easier to play your favorite music during the time that you'll be spending in the limousine bus.

6. Hardwood Flooring

Another luxury feature that is not available on all buses is the hardwood flooring. Many party bus rentals are upgrading their fleet to include this elegant feature. It is a great addition because it gives a luxury feeling to the occupants of the bus, and it also makes it easier for people to dance and move around in the vehicle. For some people, it is an important request while for others it is just an additional bonus.

7. Flat Screen LCD Television

Having an LCT TV is a nice option if you want to view any prepared videos of the bride and groom. Sometimes, the bridesmaids will prepare a commemorative video for the bride to watch during the ride. Others will want to watch their favorite show, or even music videos to get them in the mood for some dancing and fun on the way to the wedding.

The making of a memorable wedding consists of many components. The hall, the church, the food, the dress all contribute to this lovely day. However, the limousine bus rental that the bride and groom use as their travels is the starting point for all these events. Find out more about our Toronto wedding party bus services or to get a free quote.

Getting the right vehicle and features can have an amazing effect on the bride, the groom and everyone in the ceremony. After all, it is a day worth remembering!


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