Types Sizes and Capacity of Limo Buses

Party buses have come a long way since they were first introduced a few decades ago. Nowadays, they are the prime means of transportation for a variety of events. They are becoming more popular because of their ability to carry a large number of passengers. That is a point of apparent convenience when compared with other methods of transportation. Even stretch and SUV limos cannot handle the number of passengers that a single limo bus can. So what are the types and sizes of these buses? Let's take a quick look at some of the buses available in the market today.

Twenty to Thirty Passengers

These buses can carry anywhere between twenty to thirty passengers. That can fluctuate depending on the model and size of the bus. They have a curved front, and they are usually designed with a luxurious interior that includes surround seating. Most of these party buses have a small dance floor, and they are usually nicely decorated. A great option if your party is not very large is to go with this type of buses.

twenty passenger party bus

Party Buses

These are usually based on a school bus skeleton. The interior is completely revamped and re-done with surround seating. The floor is modified, and a dance floor is installed. Some of these will have a fog machine, and others will have extra amenities such as a disco ball or laser light ceiling. In either case, they are an excellent way to have a lot of fun with friends, especially because they can carry upwards of thirty passengers.

The Limo Bus

These buses are a step up in luxury and elegance. They can carry about the same number of riders as the party bus. However, their interior is much difference. They are very elegant on the inside. Their floor sometimes is made of hardwood and the seating is either leather or luxury fabric. Unique light systems are installed to make the dance floor come alive. The Home theater surround sound system that is found on these buses can rival those of the clubs in downtown Toronto. Overall, this is an excellent bus if you're looking for a luxury vehicle and the number of passengers is below thirty.

limo bus

Luxury Limousine Bus

That is the most magnificent limo bus in all the classes. It is complete with everything you would ever want on a party bus. Some of our limousine buses even have a bathroom. The interior is incredibly luxurious, with hardwood flooring, a dance floor, laser lights and other amazing features. Surround leather seating is standard as well as many other gadgets such as state of the art sound system. The capacity of these limo buses can exceed forty passengers. And depending on the model, some of these can carry upwards of fifty riders. That makes them perfect for those colossal parties. They are perfect for weddings, proms and any other type of event that requires transporting a large number of people together. Some companies are using these buses as a way to transport their employees for appreciation events or Christmas parties.

The luxury limousine bus

The party bus market is bound to continue to increase. Newer models are being introduced, with each revision being more elegant, bigger and more luxurious than the one before it. As this trend of bigger and better party buses continues, it would not be surprising to see them being used for many of tomorrow's luxury transportation needs.


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